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Medialane International is pleased to announce its new collaboration with one of the most highly respected experts in the business ONE DIGITAL

Everything you do on social media should, ideally, be underpinned by a set of goals/aims and a social media strategy or action plan. Having a strategic plan will help you to address:

  • What your organization wants to achieve through social media
  • Which social sites to focus on
  • How to engage your audience
  • How frequently to post
  • How to measure your social media impact
  • What to do if things go wrong, or when you are criticized
Companies invest in social networks to keep an eye on their brand, generate traffic to their website, while also keeping an eye on the competition.

Social platforms facilitate a more direct approach with current and prospective listeners and the creation of a privileged relationship with them.

Social networks should be used wisely and be part of your station's marketing strategy, while avoiding the risk of spoiling a juicy opportunity and transforming listeners into commercial relationships.

One Digital will assist you in defining the right social media strategy in order to facilitate your listener's needs and increase awareness.

The services of One Digital working closely with your digital team will help you in your creation, optimization, and monetization of your content efforts.

They will leverage social media to create real business value and harness the power and value of your audience.

They have a great deal of experience in radio and have a clear understanding of your needs and constraints

Did you know that you can monetize your social media to generate a revenue stream for your station? They will present you with a turnkey solution to develop, manage and monetize your station's social media platforms.

As part of this project they will include assessment and strategy planning, followed by development which includes design, optimization and creation of content that is in-line with the set strategy.

They will then implement the strategy, through daily management of content creation, distribution, scheduling and community management.

After 3 months of operations, we expect that with their help your reach and engagement will be suitable enough to start monetization of all platforms.

If you would like to know more then please contact us and we will set up a presentation and preview session to introduce you to the full services of One Digital.

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