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:: Nothing Sacred - A List of Artists featured since the series began in May 2000

Matchbox twenty / Blink 182 (live concert)
Bush / Stone Temple Pilots (live concert)
Foo Fighters / Limp Bizkit (live concert)
Motorhead w/ Nashville Pussy / Live (live concert)
Metallica / Godsmack (live concert)
311 / Rage Against The Machine (live concert)
Motley Crue / 3 Doors Down (live concert)
Everclear / Korn (live concert)
Stone Temple Pilots / Green Day (live concert)
Deftones / Lit (live concert)
Harvey Danger / Incubus (live concert)
Vertical Horizon / Pearl Jam (live concert)
3 Doors Down / Red Hot Chili Peppers (live concert)
Kid Rock / Foo Fighters (live concert)
SR-71 / U2 (live concert)
Papa Roach / Creed (live concert)
Green Day / Everlast (live concert)
Wheatus / Deftones (live concert)
Foo Fighters / Dope (live concert)
Collective Soul / Alice In Chains (live concert)
Deftones / SR-71 (acoustic performance)
Rage Against the Machine / Radiohead (live performance)
Halloween Horror Special
Incubus / Unified Theory (acoustic performance)
The Offspring / UPO (live concert)
Grand Theft Audio / Buckcherry (live concert)
Fuel / Beck (live concert)
Crazy Town / Orgy (live concert)
Foo Fighters / The Cult (live concert)
Alien Ant Farm / Creed (live concert)
Green Day / Nickelback (live concert)
American Hi-Fi / Pearl Jam (live concert)
New Found Glory / Tool (live concert)
Moby / Smashing Pumpkins (live concert)
Orgy / Dave Matthews Band (live concert)

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