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:: Out of Order

Looking for something different ? Then look no further. Warning!, this is no ordinary 2 hour countdown show.

Out of Order brings you the Top 20 Alternative songs Out of Order!

Every week, you receive a two (2) hour show hosted by LA's most popular DJ, Jed the Fish.

Weekly Features include;

  • 60 Seconds With: Listeners spend time each week with one of their favorite artists including a collection of sound bites
  • Time Warp: Take your listeners back in time with a great song and interview clips
  • Catch of the Day: A featured song that is hand-picked by Jed himself including international and new artists
  • Foreign Exchange: Unearths cool, hit songs from artists around the world
Also available in component form for your DJ's to use.

Format: CD Duration: 2 hours How Often: Weekly

:: Listen to a 3 minute segment: Sample

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