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:: The 60th Annual Grammy Awards - Elements available for 2018 include...

Grammy Live Broadcast
Westwood One will distribute the entire event live via ISDN or ftp download for delayed broadcast. Stations that send presenters to the venue will be housed in local radio studios during the live broadcast. They will be able to relay their own commentary back to their station. These people will also have access to the Press Room for exclusive winner speeches.

Backstage Interview Feeds
Daily, starting with the first day of rehearsals, interviews will be fed via MP3 with the stars who are there to rehearse and others who just want to enjoy the excitement! Each daily feed consists of a produced recap of the day's activities and 20-40 interview clips. These interviews are only available through Westwood One and MediaLane International. In and Out cues will be provided in your daily newsletter.

Grammy Specials
Westwood One will be providing specials shows in component form to suit the following formats; AC / CHR / Alternative and Classic Rock. Stations can opt to use any or all of these specials which will be produced for airing before the event.

Remote from Rehearsals
Why not broadcast live from backstage during the two rehearsal days. Westwood One can arrange ISDN facilities and any other equipment you need.

Merchandise For Westwood One's exclusive International affiliates the merchandise package includes;
Tickets to the 60th Annual Grammy Awards Grammy Awards, Official Posters & Grammy Awards Nomination CD's.

To register your interest in the 2018 awards contact;

Alan Stratton
MediaLane International

Tel: +44 1371 871929


Media Lane International, +44 (0)1371 871929,