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  • Sample 1 - Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) talks about how High School Girls can be mean
  • Sample 2 - Tony Scott (Man on Fire) talks about Creasy's (Denzel Washington) vigilante behaviour
  • Sample 3 - Selma Blair (Hellboy) on why Liz's flame is Blue
  • Sample 4 - Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire) talks about why she would want to be a part of this film
  • Sample 5 - David Wenham (Van Helsing) talks about his character Carl.
  • Sample 6 - Rachel Weisz (Envy) on the friendship between the Dingmans and the Vanderparks
  • Sample 7 - Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Godsend) jokes about the Raeliens claim that they're cloned humans
  • Sample 8 - Julianne Moore (Laws of Attraction) discusses the familiarity she felt with Audrey
  • Sample 9 - Jennifer Aniston (Friends in July 2004) gives her initial thoughts about working on the show.
  • Sample 10 - Courtney Cox Arquette (Friends in 2004) on the similarity between her and Monica. This edition also features interviews with Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer
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